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The time will come
when, with elation
you will greet yourself arriving
at your own door, in your own mirror . . .

Derek Walcott


Find your way back to yourself and explore your life story with a compassionate mind. My therapeutic approach is integrative and relational, informed by different counselling schools (humanistic, psychodynamic, cognitive, and transpersonal) as well as the attachment theory, mindfulness and Focusing, adapting to what feels right for you. Three cornerstones of my approach are exploring your relationship to your feelings and body (pre-verbal self/right brain), reviewing your life story and finding meaning (cognitive/left brain), and facilitating connection to loving and knowing self and others. 


I am trained in a Rewind technique to treat PTSD.  


Book your initial consultation (50 min) at £65 to explore if it feels right to be working with me. 



As a midwife and counsellor, I have experience of supporting women through pregnancy loss, traumatic birth, depression and anxiety. I am trained in a Rewind technique for treatment of PTSD and birth trauma symptoms. 


The British Psychology Society endorses outdoor therapy as evidence-based. The recognised benefits of nature are lowering blood pressure and stress levels, improved mood, concentration and self-esteem. Physical movement and attunement to the natural world promotes a sense of wellbeing and may help you to become psychologically "unstuck". We are part of the eco-system so being held and included into the body of nature is therapeutic. For instance, in Japan "forest bathing" is recognised as a valuable tool in health promotion and is recommended by their National Health Service.


In contrast to more traditional settings, where the space is "owned" by the therapist, outdoor counselling offers shared responsibility for being in the outdoor space and therapeutic relationship. 


Before we meet outdoors, I will conduct an assessment online to learn a little more about you and understand your needs.